Seinäjoki Technology Award to Jakamo

Seinäjoki Technology Award for the year 2014 has been handed to Jakamo Limited, a company focusing on cross-company information sharing. Seinäjoki Fund of Alfred Kordelin Foundation has handed out the Technology Award today. The selection criteria for the EUR 5 000 Prize include the following statement.

– Jakamo Limited is a knowledge-intensive start-up company, which has rapidly expanded to international market. The business idea is inspired by professor Jukka Vesalainen’s research findings on business relations, and it is further boosted by a competent team with complementary expertise.

Jakamo (est. 2012) closed a 0,7 MEUR first round capital investment in 2013. The company was nominated on the list of 20 most promising start-ups in Finland by an expert panel gathered by Talouselämä magazine in the beginning of 2015. At the moment, Jakamo has user companies in 24 different countries.

Jakamo is a solution for sharing information between companies. Companies share information related to daily routines in Jakamo. The service enables and captures discussions and comments related to shared items.

– Sharing of information is easy, fast and secure. The service may be deployed in a minute, instead of heavy and expensive IT-project taking months to be implemented, states Anssi Uitto, CEO of Jakamo.

Jakamo is an online service designed for and with its users. The most common users come from the technology industries.

– Our customers have managed to reach significant productivity leaps. Time spent on searching information and time from an idea to market is dramatically reduced, describes Jarl Matti Anttila, Head of Marketing of Jakamo.

– We cannot promise what Jakamo will become in 5 years, but we can assure that it will be something magical. We’ll make the journey together with our team and our users. Of course we are hoping that Jakamo eases the every-day routines of a huge group of companies all around the world, Anttila continues.

– This award makes us humble. We have high respect for the ones previously handed the award and it is a privilege to join this list, Uitto thanks.

Seinäjoki Technology Award has previously been awarded to

2005 Jorma Lillbacka, founder of Finn-Power Ltd
2006 Markku Rintaniemi
2007 R&D team of Plantool Ltd
2008 Veikko Rintamäki, founder of Epec Ltd
2009 Centaurea Ltd
2010 Project workshop of Seinäjoki UAS
2011 Lumikko Ltd
2012 Exertus Ltd
2013 Suomen Lämpöpumpputekniikka Ltd



Anssi Uitto and Jarl Matti Anttila. Photo: Matti Hautamäki.

For more information, please contact:
Hannu Kantonen, Into Seinäjoki Ltd, +358 40 831 8353,
Jarl Matti Anttila, Jakamo Limited, +358 41 439 2582,