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Jakamo is the Supplier Experience Platform connecting customers and suppliers across the manufacturing ecosystem. The Jakamo Platform serves the manufacturing ecosystem with a new technology that enables companies to manage information and collaborate within business relationships.
Jakamo Platform allows smooth and secure information sharing, data visibility and transparent ongoing communication with your customer relationships.

We promise you a fast and super easy onboarding and exceptional user experience. You don’t need to run any software installations – the Jakamo platform is available through your browser.

As a supplier company, you can use the Jakamo services free of charge for an unlimited number of users for as long as you want. For an additional cost, you can make an EDI connection between your ERP and Jakamo to automatise the sales order intake and order confirmations. Standard APIs ensure an easy setup for EDI connection and minimum upfront setup costs.
Jakamo is a shared environment for companies operating in the manufacturing ecosystem. You can serve as many customers as you want, and your own suppliers as well on the same platform.

Scalable EDI connection for suppliers

Microsoft Preferred Solution for Supply Chain Collaboration

A Microsoft preferred solution is a cloud application selected for its quality, performance, and ability to address customer needs in a certain industry vertical or solution area.

Manufacturing Ecosystem

Jakamo is a many-to-many platform serving the manufacturing ecosystem. The pricing is based on subscription licenses and the suppliers can use Jakamo free of charge.

Security & User Experience

The on-boarding into Jakamo cloud-service is super-easy which allows a smooth and short time to value impact. The reliability on service uptime, scalability, and data security together with the user experience are Jakamo’s core capabilities.

Easy supplier on-boarding and excellent supplier experience verified

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    Establish a company account in minutes.

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    Connect with your customers

    Connect with your customers in Jakamo,

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    Collaborate with your customers in a structured way.

Benefits for suppliers

Scalable EDI integration possibility

Serve multiple customers in the same platform

Super easy user-interface

No software installations needed

Closer collaboration with the customer