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In general, new technology should allow business partners transparent information sharing in real-time and seamless data transfer by automation between customer’s and supplier’s personnel. A negative experience using rigid and complex digital tools does not serve the mutual goal achievement in a business relationship.
Today, a lot of time is wasted in business relations, for instance, in searching information, creating reports, waiting for someone to send you some critical information, typing the same information multiple times manually to different systems of different companies.
Microsoft Preferred Solution for Supply Chain Collaboration

A Microsoft preferred solution is a cloud application selected for its quality, performance, and ability to address customer needs in a certain industry vertical or solution area.

Manufacturing Ecosystem

Jakamo is a many-to-many platform serving the manufacturing ecosystem. The pricing is based on subscription licenses and the suppliers can use Jakamo free of charge.

Security & User Experience

The on-boarding into Jakamo cloud-service is super-easy which allows a smooth and short time to value impact. The reliability on service uptime, scalability, and data security together with the user experience are Jakamo’s core capabilities.

The common challenge is how to share and manage information and to collaborate between companies. There is a huge potential to improve the white-collar productivity of a value chain by reducing manual work.
The automation of information processes, allowing fast information availability and real-time reporting should be on the agenda of all manufacturing companies. It will lead to improved delivery performance including increased effectiveness, productivity, and quality from the end-customer’s perspective.

Building the new standard for manufacturing companies

Automation is the core of our platform

Automation of a supply chain activity greatly streamlines routine supply chain processes and decreases costs generated. When people do not need to spend time in manual routine work they can do something that really creates customer value. It releases significantly personnel’s time to work with more value-added activities, such as development, relationship management, learning, and optimization.
Furthermore, this type of work is usually much more pleasant for employees than manual routine work. Certainly, automated processes between customers and suppliers strengthen the sustainability and competitive advantage in the competition of value chains.
Thanks to our well-documented APIs, any of our customers' internal systems such as ERP, PLM, MES, PowerBI, Qlikview and many others can be easily integrated with Jakamo. By integrating your internal software with Jakamo, you can automate your core supply chain processes to erase non-value-added activities.
Our customers utilize the Jakamo APIs to automatise the following business processes: PO sending, PO change handling, Order confirmation handling, Forecasting, Claim handling, document sharing and BI source purposes.

ERP, PLM, MES, PowerBI and much more

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