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1. Can I share some specific information with only one partner company?

YES: All information entered into the Jakamo service is primarily company-specific and available for company’s internal users only. Therefore, no partnership company can see the entered information automatically in the Jakamo service. However, you can share the information with a single or multiple recipients as long as they are a part of your network.

2. Can the different units of a company use the Jakamo service?

YES: The Jakamo service is designed for optimal use of a single network unit, which means a unit of a company (i.e. a factory). Different units of a company can create internal relationships between each other. This enables using the Jakamo service both in customer and supplier interface, as well as, in the internal interfaces of a company.

3. Will I get a notification about the new actions in my email?

YES: Each user of the Jakamo service can define in the profile settings the applications of which activity he / she wants to be informed by email.

4. Can I create a relationship with a company that does not use the Jakamo service?

YES: A user of the Jakamo service can invite another company to join in the Jakamo service and at the same time propose creation of a relationship with them.

5. Does the use of the Jakamo service require installation of software to employees’ computers?

NO: The Jakamo is an independent tool that is used through a browser. The traditional web browsers are enough for using the Jakamo service (i.e. Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome).

6. Are there any set-up costs in the introduction of the Jakamo service?

NO: There are no set-up costs in the introduction of the Jakamo service. Operating cost of the Jakamo service is based on the number of users the company has selected and corresponding fixed monthly licence fee.

7. Does the size of our network have an impact on the costs? How about the number of applications we use?

NO: The size of network does not have an impact on the costs. Also, the number of used applications does not affect pricing. Instead, the pricing is based on the number of users in Your own company. Each company is in charge of its own costs based on the number of users in the company. Please read more about the pricing of the Jakamo service here.

8. Can we test the Jakamo service before we start to use it?

YES: Jakamo is a ready-to-use service. You can establish your company’s free account anytime and anywhere. The account will be free of charge as long you want to. If you’re interested in demo presentation, please contact us at sales(a)

9. Is it safe for us to use the Jakamo service?

YES: The registration to Jakamo service and using the service is secured with a personal password. The service uses TLS and SSL protocols. The encryption uses algoritms with keys of at least 128 bits. The server is authenticated with a certificate admitted by Thawte. All communication between Jakamo service and users are encrypted with the protocols mentioned above.

10. Is it known to which server the information entered to the Jakamo is stored?

YES: Information is stored in the servers and data centres that are pointed by the Jakamo Limited and which are located in highly secured vaults. The location of stored information can be always pointed to a customer.

11. Is the content protected with a back-up system?

YES: Jakamo Limited has a back-up system to protect all content in the service. Daily backups are being stored for one month. Jakamo uses RAID-arrays with multiple physical medias to prevent total disk failures. Every byte is being stored simultaneysly to at least four physical hard disk surfaces.

12. Can the personnel of the Jakamo Limited see the different information we have entered in the Jakamo service?

NO: All information that a user has entered in the Jakamo Service is the property of the user’s company. Jakamo Limited or its subcontractors do not have an access to the customer’s data. In a case of exception (i.e. malfunctioning of the system) the customer can authorise the lead programmer of the Jakamo Limited to access the customer-specific information. Only information of the customer that is available to the personnel of the Jakamo Limited are contact and invoicing information, and the number of users.

13. Can a user of the Jakamo service have an impact on the development of the service?

YES, absolutely: Jakamo Limited applies a user-centric approach in product development and service design. We are in continuous interaction with our customers and end-users, which forms the vision and development directions of the Jakamo service. If You want to have an application tailored to Your company’s needs, please contact us at support(a)

14. Does Jakamo service work with all the most common web browsers?

YES: Anyhow, Jakamo service is optimized for the following browsers: Chrome 7+, Firefox 4+, IE 10+, Opera 12+ and Safari 6+.

15. Can I use Jakamo service with a general email address of the company, such as,

NO: According to Terms and Conditions of Jakamo service each user must be registered separately with his/ her personal email address.