Take your supply chain processes to next level with Jakamo Supplier Experience Platform

Your ERP, PLM, BI, and other internal software require the best solution to connect with the whole supply base and provide an exceptional supplier experience.

    Why Jakamo?

    There are probably hundreds of reasons why Jakamo would be the best fit for your supplier collaboration.

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    Companies in 50+ countries round the world is using Jakamo

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    Growing Jakamo Ecosystem covers today over 2800 manufacturing companies

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    Six reasons why our customers select us

    1. Holistic approach

    Wide scope covering most supply chain processes designed for manufacturing companies.

    2. Easy connectivity

    Well-documented APIs ensure easy and fast connectivity with internal systems.

    3. Shared environment

    Jakamo is a shared environment connecting the companies in the manufacturing ecosystem. Both customer and supplier can enjoy the benefits.

    4. Supplier experience

    Our mission is to provide an excellent supplier experience during the supplier onboarding and daily actions in Jakamo.

    5. Interaction covered

    Jakamo brings the interaction into the context and decreases dramatically the email traffic between the companies.

    6. Fast response in service

    We are small and agile. We treat every development request fast and engage with all of our customers to see how the new feature would benefit them.

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