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What is Jakamo?

Jakamo is focusing on manufacturing companies who look to improve their supply chain productivity.

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We are focused on providing our clients with the highest
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    With the help of the automatized order confirmations, the purchase schedules became real-time, accurate, and visible for our personnel where and whenever the information was needed.

    Jenny Jyrinki

    Head of Purchasing, Fastems

    Our white-collar productivity took a giant leap after we started to use Jakamo. It brought us a shared space for transaction and change processing and made our supplier collaboration hassle-free.

    Tommi Mäki

    Sourcing Manager, Prima Power

    We increased the transaction volumes in the purchasing process by 50 % . At the same time, we reduced the time spent on purchasing by 25 %. A huge leap in productivity and a huge improvement in quality.

    Tomas Hedenborg

    Former Group CEO, Fastems

    Unproductive work is now transformed into effective and transparent cooperation with suppliers. As a result, we can see higher throughput, better OTD, improved quality and happier staff.

    Tero-Jussi Teppo

    VP, Procurement, Prima Power

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    Most common questions from our customers

    1. You look so small compared to the IBM's and Dell's

    Our main goal has not been to employ a mass of people and serve multiple industries. We concentrate purely to enable an exceptional supplier experience for companies operating in the manufacturing ecosystem. We deliver a standard SaaS product in a modern, innovative, and customer-centric way. We are committed to agile development and deliver extraordinary value for chosen industry customers. We want our customers to be step-a-head on the market development.

    2. I know that several of our suppliers are already using your platform. How can I connect with them?

    All of the suppliers are accessible through the platform. You can connect with one or with several at the same time, and invite the suppliers to join the platform which are not yet using the service.

    3. What is the difference between traditional portals and Jakamo?

    A portal is a company-specific environment but Jakamo is a shared environment, an ecosystem. A portal is designed for customer’s purposes but Jakamo is designed to fulfill both customer’s and supplier’s needs. Portals’ approach is to deliver transactions but Jakamo provides a holistic approach for supplier collaboration covering several processes including the interaction that lacks from the portals.

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