About us

For manufacturing companies who look to improve their supply chain productivity, Jakamo provides an online collaboration platform that allows transparent information sharing and collaboration across companies. Unlike emails or company specific portals, Jakamo makes the shared information available, visible and manageable.

Jakamo connects customers and suppliers in the manufacturing industries. With Jakamo, information sharing between companies is easy, fast and secure. Jakamo creates a digital record of collaboration, enabling cross-company teams to work together in real time. Advanced instant reporting ensures that the management stays well informed. The service is free to use, with enterprise subscription plans available for advanced users.

We are a passionate and hard working group who are tired of software that hasn’t been designed for people. Thus we’re about to change the weird culture of spending time and money on complex software. We love our users. And we work together with our users to reach our ultimate goal – A perfect way to share information and collaborate between companies.