Change perspective – find new customers

How did the iPad find its way to the workplaces? I remember myself buying an iPad for personal use to read books, listen to music and podcasts and surf the web. Later on I found out that it would be a great tool to use at work, especially when traveling and being on the move. I’m sure that many other people can relate to this.

I can see the same thing happening with software. In my earlier blog “Technology is agile, but are we?” I wrote about agile software and how it is changing business cultures. With the help of the Internet, people can nowadays themselves research and find information and software in totally different ways than before. We might be searching for software to handle the family’s upcoming events and daily routines and later on find out that “this could even help me at work”.

Then, if we look at this from another perspective. When I first joined Jakamo, our main target group was (and is still today) industrial manufacturing companies. All our applications and ways of working have been built on their needs in the back of our heads. Later on, when I have met a whole bunch of Jakamo users and companies I can see that we are talking about an issue on a much greater scale.

Jakamo wants to help companies to find better ways on how to work and collaborate with external partners. With me, having a history in marketing, I could relate to this quite soon. In my days as a marketing manager one of my key-topics was handling a network of partners and keeping track on all the on-going development actions and projects. Quite soon at Jakamo we started to carefully broaden our focus and launched a pilot with a customer whose marketing executive needed to achieve a more efficient way to handle their packaging design network and actions. Now they are running Jakamo for this.

So what is my point? My point is that when giving birth to a new product or service you might have a certain key audience in mind. But why not at some point try to introduce your concept to a totally new audience and see what they would do with it?

If you want to know more on how your marketing organization could use Jakamo to manage your partner network and projects, do not hesitate to contact us.



Andy Lundström
Customer Engagement Manager
Jakamo Limited