for procurement professionals

Solution designed to fit the needs of world-class procurement professionals.

Modern software
& APIs

New technology allows seamless data transfer through standard APIs and transparent interaction with suppliers.

A holistic
approach to
supplier experience

Covering core processes of purchasing, sourcing, supplier quality, and value engineering.

Microsoft Preferred
Solution built on Azure

Jakamo is a continuously developing independent SaaS platform built on Microsoft Azure.

New requirements for supplier collaboration

Establish an exceptional supplier experience with Jakamo Platform
Information transparency

Information transparency is one of the most topical requirements that modern procurement leaders search solutions for.

Ongoing interaction

Ongoing and excellent interaction over the company borders is a vital requirement to succeed in deliveries on the requested time. Jakamo brings the communication into the context and erases the painful emailing.

Symmetric and accurate data

Every company owns lots of data. Companies that own accurate and high-quality data hold an advantage. The requirement in the supplier relationships is that the data must be symmetric between customer and supplier.

Real-time analytics

In the manufacturing context, companies are familiar to utilize BI dashboard solutions for reporting purposes. The dashboards can’t deliver value for procurement if they can’t get high-quality data to visualize in real-time.

Action traceability

In supplier relationships, it’s often hard to track what has been agreed, when, why, and who has been involved in the decision-making process. Jakamo establishes a relational memory between the companies which stays even the people in the relationship changes.

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Jakamo customers

Platform built together with the leading manufacturing companies.
Success story:

Instead of a traditional portal or EDI connection, Fastems ended up choosing Jakamo – a vertical platform designed for the manufacturing ecosystem. They decided to integrate their ERP with Jakamo’s Order Application by standard APIs. This concept was much more cost-efficient and faster to implement compared to traditional solutions. Time to financial benefit was really short.

Success story:

Instead of a traditional portal, Prima Power ended up choosing Jakamo and integrate Jakamo’s Order application with Microsoft Axapta ERP and Teamcenter PDM. Jakamo was selected as a platform solution because it was designed for holistic supplier network management, not only for transferring purchase orders. Thanks to Jakamo’s easy onboarding process, over 90 % of all POs are ordered and managed by using Jakamo.

Success story:

Stera had used IFS ERP used successfully for several years and around 90 000 purchase order rows are sent to suppliers on a yearly basis. Instead of a traditional portal or EDI connection, Stera Technologies ended up choosing Jakamo and integrate their ERP with Jakamo’s Order Application by standard APIs.

Success story:

The primary need at Viessmann was related to improving the flow of the purchase order process. The baseline was that 100 % of purchase orders and order confirmations were handled manually. Viessmann decided to implement Jakamo and integrate their Lean System ERP with Jakamo’s Order Application through the standard APIs.

What our customers say about Jakamo?

With the help of the automatized order confirmations, the purchase schedules became real-time, accurate, and visible for our personnel where and whenever the information was needed.

Jenny Jyrinki

Head of Purchasing, Fastems

A responsible manufacturing company should provide an exceptional environment for its suppliers where they are able to operate smoothly and effectively. Both customer and supplier should enjoy the benefits. A common platform, such as Jakamo, is designed to solve this challenge.

Mikko Uusi-Heikkilä

Group Controller, Stera

Our white-collar productivity took a giant leap after we started to use Jakamo. It brought us a shared space for transaction and change processing and made our supplier collaboration hassle-free.

Tommi Mäki

Sourcing Manager, Prima Power

We were positively surprised how easily our suppliers – big and small – engaged with the new way of working and adopted the new technology.

Marko Turunen

Head of Strategic Purchasing, Viessmann

We increased the transaction volumes in the purchasing process by 50 % . At the same time, we reduced the time spent on purchasing by 25 %. A huge leap in productivity and a huge improvement in quality.

Tomas Hedenborg

Former Group CEO, Fastems

Unproductive work is now transformed into effective and transparent cooperation with suppliers. As a result, we can see higher throughput, better OTD, improved quality and happier staff.

Tero-Jussi Teppo

VP, Procurement, Prima Power

Supplier Experience

Designed for manufacturing companies

What our customers have achieved with our supplier experience platform

100% improvement in PO throughput

70% improvement in RFQ lead-time

20% improvement in on-time-delivery

20% decrease in the cost of poor quality

How do we enable an excellent supplier experience?

By taking a holistic view to the management of supplier experience the company can achieve remarkable benefits regarding delivery performance, quality, responsiveness, sustainability, costs, and technological development.

Procurement professionals require a collaboration and automation solution designed to fit their needs today and in the future.


Talented people should be able to do more skills-based tasks and free their time for more value-added and enjoyable work


Automating the core supply chain processes gains throughput, improves quality, and decreases the lead times dramatically.


Business relationships in manufacturing supply chains are complicated and require a lot of dialogue and interaction between people.


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