@Mention Feature Speeds Up the Collaboration

We did it again – released a new feature that originates from the feedback of Jakamo Users. From now on, all Jakamo Users can direct each of their comments to a specific co-worker by @mention feature. The service will send an email & dashboard notification to the tagged person.

The development work has been an on-going team effort. We’re thankful for the all feedback and support we have got from our users during the process. We still have plenty of needs, ideas and features to implement on our roadmap. The feedback and opinions of the Users are essential in delivering better user experience.

This particular @mention feature along with many other previous improvements is targeted to increase the productivity of a single user’s working day. It gives more speed for collaboration. If your company is not yet benefiting Jakamo Platform, get started now! Jakamo is free to use for any company with unlimited number of users and with no time limits.

Jarl Matti Anttila
CMO, Co-founder