Make Decisions – Faster!

Every manager wants to make fast decisions and see them to be implemented. But the challenge is – how to make those happen? The complexity of networked economy makes this challenge even harder. It’s very common that strategic decisions are made in co-operation with another company.

A common belief is that a decision, which is done fast and shared together with several stakeholders, is impossible to realise. The other belief is that a lot of extra work is needed in order to keep relationships effective. We argue the opposite. It is possible by adopting the following simple decision-making process designed for inter-firm network management.

An agile decision-making process can be defined as 1 Define and share the case – 2 Collect data and analyse – 3 Decide and implement – 4 Follow-up and learn. To make this process fast, effective and shared, one needs a Network-level Information Platform (NIP). Someone could call this industrial internet. The NIP is used in every four phases, when and wherever needed. It enables shared network management.

Whether the case is an idea or a problem, small or big, the main thing is to define and share it fast. A quick sharing opens the second phase immediately. The discussion is started and the data collecting is running. Imagine a business relation that has always an open channel for discussion and knowledge sharing. How much smoother would it be to make decisions at the face-to-face meetings, when the preparations are already done through the NIP. We argue and we know, a lot smoother and faster.

One of the principles in a shared decision-making process is to keep it simple without any hierarchic structures. All the focus has to be directed into problem solving, so the retardant rules and bureaucracy are avoided. A new case, discussions and data collection must be possible when and wherever without any exceptions or delays. This makes the on-going process function and gives it its power.

A Network-level Information Platform (NIP) enables an inter-organisational agile decision-making by fast information sharing and processing. Jakamo is a NIP. It links companies’ stakeholders to transparent information sharing and to on-going decision-making. And in that way makes them an effective virtual team.

Jarl Matti Anttila
Head of Marketing, Co-Founder
Jakamo Limited