The Year 2023 in Numbers

Despite the very challenging year for B2B SaaS companies, we remained steadfast in our commitment to growth, innovation, service excellence, security, and employee empowerment.

As highlighted by the December 2023 report from ProfitWell B2B SaaS Index, the year 2023 was tough for the B2B SaaS market. According to the report, the funding tap dried up, buyers scrutinized new and existing purchases with more rigor than ever before, and decreased sales put companies to the test. The report indicates that the average growth of MRR (monthly recurring revenue) for B2B SaaS companies was 11 %, noticeably lower than in 2022 (33 %) and 2021 (48 %).

As we bid farewell to 2023, a year marked by its unique challenges, it’s time to reflect on the numbers that defined our journey at Jakamo. Here are the figures that shaped our year 2023.

Growth in Turnover

In the face of challenging market conditions, we’re happy to announce a 28 % growth in turnover for the year 2023, with our total turnover soaring to 1,5 million euros.

Our commitment to sustainable growth was further underscored by a 32 % increase in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Since 90 % of our total turnover consists of ARR, our business is on a solid foundation.

From Northern Europe, we welcomed several new customers, such as Bluefors, Steris Finn-Aqua, Wille Machines, and other great manufacturing companies.

Customer Loyalty and Service Level

Maintaining unwavering customer loyalty remains a cornerstone of our ethos at Jakamo. We’re proud to report a 0 % churn rate among our non-leaving Enterprise Plan customers, the fourth year in a row.

Net Retention Rate (NRR) is a metric that measures a company’s ability to retain revenue from existing customers over a specific period of time. A good NRR is typically above 100 %, as it means that the company’s existing customers generate more revenue than the company loses through churn.

Our commitment to exceeding customer expectations yielded great results, reflected in our NRR of 114 %. This important KPI speaks volumes about the enduring satisfaction and loyalty of our client base.

In an increasingly digitized world, reliability is paramount. We’re proud to maintain a stellar uptime of 99.99 %, ensuring availability and uninterrupted service for our valued customers.


At Jakamo, our greatest asset is our dedicated team of professionals. We celebrate diversity and boost inclusive and caring culture. We have strong commonly agreed values and a sustainable mindset of growth.

The eNPS score ranges from -100 to +100. A score between +10 to 30 is good. In line with this, a score of +50 would be considered excellent, whereas +80 is best-in-class.

We’re delighted to announce a stunning Employee Net Promoter Score of 94. That’s an impressive number, isn’t it?

As we reflect on the year gone by, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our users, customers, partners, and supporters who have been integral to our journey thus far. Together, we look ahead with optimism, ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2024.

Wishing you all a flourishing and successful year ahead!