Operative Sustainability – Key takeaways of the webinar

This webinar discusses the importance of supply chain sustainability with a focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting. The session is the second in a series of three webinars aimed at enhancing sustainability practices within supply chains.

Importance of Sustainability in Supply Chains

  • Sustainability Drivers: Regulations such as CSRD, global commitments like the Science-Based Targets initiative, and evolving customers’ expectations are the major drivers.
  • Banks and investors are also imposing stricter sustainability requirements.
  • Impact of Supply Chain on Emissions: Research indicates that emissions associated with supply chains are significantly higher than the company’s operational emissions, making sustainable supply chain practices highly important.

Supply Chain Sustainability Management Model

  • Supplier Compliance: Understanding supplier capabilities and compliance with sustainability standards.
  • Operative Sustainability: Ability to track GHG and other sustainability impacts of purchased items and components within the supply chain.
  • Sustainability Innovation: Co-innovation with suppliers to develop more sustainable products and processes.

Practical demonstration using the Jakamo Platform

  • Jakamo’s CPO & Co-founder Matti Mäkelä demonstrates how the Jakamo platform facilitates the collection of GHG data and other sustainability impacts from the purchased items.
  • The platform integrates sustainability data collection with the regular purchasing process, making it easier for companies to manage and report sustainability metrics.
  • The Jakamo platform can integrate with other systems.


The session emphasizes the critical role of supply chain management in achieving overall sustainability goals for businesses. The Jakamo platform offers a practical solution for companies looking to streamline and enhance their sustainability reporting and operational practices.

The upcoming webinar will focus on leveraging sustainability initiatives for strategic advantage in the supply chain.