Jakamo launches online magazine for SCM professionals in manufacturing industry

Jakamo, a Finland-based technology company providing a collaboration platform for manufacturing companies has launched Friction Free Community & Online Magazine for SCM professionals in manufacturing industry.


Companies in over 50 countries around the world are using Jakamo platform. With the new online magazine Jakamo delivers insights, expertise and inspiration for the professionals in manufacturing ecosystem, globally. All this, aimed at helping SCM executives and leaders to succeed in their digital transformation journey.

“We want to help SCM leaders in manufacturing companies to stay informed and get inspired about the digital transformation in ecosystem economy. We will publish articles, insights, interviews, reports and studies to fulfil this mission”, says CMO & Co-founder Jarl Matti Anttila from Jakamo. Visit frictionfree.community weekly for new content, and follow us on Twitter @FFCmag and LinkedIn.


Friction Free in a nutshell. Friction Free Community & Online Magazine delivers insights, expertise and inspiration for SCM executives and leader in manufacturing ecosystem globally. Articles, videos and reports about digital transformation by industry professionals are published in weekly basis. Follow @FFCmag. Visit frictionfree.community.

Jakamo in a nutshell. Jakamo is a universal collaboration platform connecting customers and suppliers in manufacturing ecosystem. With Jakamo, the information sharing and communication between companies is transparent, systematic and traceable. Jakamo’s system, method and apparatus is granted with US Patent in 2016. Follow @thejakamo. Visit jakamo.net.


Additional information and material

Jarl Matti Anttila, CMO & Co-founder
Mob +358 41 439 2582
Email matti.anttila@thejakamo.com


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