We Got Positively Disruptive Feedback!

Jakamo has been involved in manufacturing industries for two years. Today Jakamo serves customers in 17 countries all over the world and we are gaining new customers daily. I’m happy to share three of our numerous feedbacks we’ve received from our lead-users during the first half of this year.

One of the core values of our team since day one has been user-centric design. “Jakamo has introduced the first user-friendly interface in the manufacturing industries”,was written as a feedback by one of our high experienced lead-users. We’re extremely happy about this statement! Compared with the traditional industrial systems Jakamo can be adapted into full use in hours. The honeymoon between the user and Jakamo is delightful. We always have and always will believe in user-centric design.

We have got lot of feedback about the logic of cooperation Jakamo has brought to the markets. “Jakamo is the first tool that enables real transparency of interaction and cooperation between us and our strategic suppliers”, said one of our lead-users who operates in a global responsibility. We believe in transparency and we will continuously improve transparency. Today we have strong evidence what kind of direct benefits it can bring for a single company and a single user. Just go ahead and ask us!

By the disruptive design and transparency our customers have released benefits they never before thought could be possible. “By using Jakamo our team saves 200 000 euros a year only as decreased time of information searching and report writing”, told one of our lead-users who was quite sceptic of the benefits this new way of working could offer. These direct savings are only one part of the benefits. The bigger benefits are gained from the new business opportunities that transparent cooperation with the strategic partners enable.

We are extremely proud and thankful for these three and all the other feedbacks as well. We’re running forward with the voice of our customers’. Let’s keep on disrupting!

Jarl Matti Anttila
Head of Marketing, Co-founder
Jakamo Limited

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