Mårten Mickos Joins Jakamo as an Investor and Advisor

Jakamo Limited welcomes business executive Mårten Mickos into the team! Mårten joins Jakamo as an investor and advisor. He is one of the most recognized Nordic IT executives, who has led technology companies to world-class success.

 “Companies need an online platform that connects suppliers and buyers on a team-to-team level. They need an instant access to vital business information, and to be able to take action quickly. Jakamo’s online collaboration platform does exactly this for the manufacturing companies”, Mårten Mickos states.

Mårten brings in the knowledge and experience our company needs right now. He knows the global enterprise software markets and that helps us develop our service even more customer oriented”, says Anssi Uitto, CEO and Co-Founder of Jakamo. “By positioning and connecting Jakamo to existing enterprise software ecosystem we are able to offer even faster and more efficient information sharing to our customers”, Uitto continues.

Mickos thinks that in order to be successful, a manufacturer’s personnel must be able to coordinate work of people who work for other companies. In networked economy it’s important to utilize online tools to reach visibility, transparency and availability. As a result, manufacturing companies will see improved efficiency and productivity.

Check out Mårten’s greetings from Silicon Valley!

Jakamo in a nutshell

Jakamo is an online collaboration platform that connects customers and suppliers in the manufacturing industries. With Jakamo, information sharing across companies is easy, fast and secure. Jakamo creates a digital record of collaboration between companies, enabling cross-company teams to work together in real time. Advanced instant reporting ensures that the management stays well informed. The service is free to use, with enterprise subscription plans available for advanced users. Jakamo has customers in 25 countries.

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