Darekon aims to increase the automation in their supply chain

Darekon is a family-owned manufacturing company delivering contract manufacturing of medical equipment and industrial electronics. The company’s versatile services cover the whole lifetime of the products it manufactures, from production to maintenance and spare part supplies. Darekon is an employer of over 400 employees, company has four plants in Finland, one in Poland, and one in Sweden.

Darekon has recognized the importance of their supplier experience which is affecting supply chain productivity and end-customer satisfaction. The decision to integrate Jakamo with their Monitor ERP will increase the effectiveness of the end-to-end purchasing process, gain transparency in the supply chain, and improve the interaction with the strategic suppliers.

“We are expecting many different benefits in our entire value chain. Increased transparency, improved communication, and gained automation enables us to work in an effective, sustainable, and more comfortable way,” says Teppo Pitkänen, Supply Chain Director at Darekon.

We warmly welcome a great manufacturing company, Darekon, and their all suppliers into the Supplier Experience Platform – Jakamo.