Our Commitment to Sustainability


There is no doubt that sustainability is essential for the future of earth and society. We, at Jakamo, are committed to consider and prioritize sustainability in our strategy and all our operations and decision-making to make the world a better place for nature and people.

Customers & Ecosystem

Our biggest sustainability impact comes absolutely from the sustainability development of our customers. Manufacturing companies’ sustainability is highly dependent on their supply chain’s sustainability and a significant share of their environmental and social impact is coming from the supply chain.

We are committed to supporting our customers in their supply chain sustainability transformation. Jakamo – the Supplier Experience platform – enables holistic supply chain sustainability of the manufacturing companies by providing concrete use cases, visibility, and manageability for suppliers’ compliance, development & innovation initiatives, and operative supply chain processes in terms of sustainability.

By combining two global megatrends –  sustainability and digitalization – in a practical way and working together with our customers, we can have a huge impact on the sustainability of the whole global manufacturing ecosystem. Read more!

Our target for 2025: We will maximize our carbon handprint to minimize our customers’ carbon footprint. We develop our offering with a high focus on sustainability to have a significant impact on our customers’ carbon footprint reduction and other sustainability goals.


We are very much aware of how much good we have gotten from society. Therefore, we are eager to give back as well. Our concrete commitments are:

Education & research: We are continuously contributing the science and education by providing thesis and internship positions for the students, sharing our knowledge continuously through guest lectures, and participating actively in university research projects.

No aggressive tax planning: We are happy to pay taxes and we are committed not to apply aggressive tax planning.

Support for charitable organizations: Each employee of Jakamo can choose annually a charitable organization that is important to them from the pre-selected list (Hope, IFRC, Lastenklinikoiden Kummit, Plan international, Sylva, Syöpäsäätiö, Unicef or WWF) for a donation made by Jakamo.

Our target for 2025: We will triple our employees’ personal charity budget. We will increase the personal sum by 30 % every year to reach the target.


As a SaaS company, the biggest part of our carbon footprint is coming from the cloud infrastructure and traveling. Therefore, our focus is on reducing our emissions regarding the following topics:

Cloud infrastructure: We have chosen Microsoft Azure as our cloud infrastructure provider due to their high commitments to sustainability. Read more!

Business traveling: Public transportation is preferred always when possible in our business traveling and we are compensating our flight emissions.

Way to work traveling: At least partial remote work is preferred for all employees and public transportation is highly recommended in a way to work traveling where possible.

Our target for 2025: We will become carbon negative. We will offset all our carbon emissions and beyond with certified initiatives.

Employees, Diversity & Inclusion

Work must be meaningful but not the meaning of life. We want to offer a meaningful, safe, diverse, nice, and flexible place to work. Good work-life balance is the number one priority in our working culture.

We respect everyone’s viewpoints and ideas and we want to give our employees the right mix of autonomy, learning, responsibilities, and support to succeed in their career and enjoying life. We offer a possibility to modern hybrid working model to enable employees to blend working from different locations: any of our office, home, summer house, or you name it.

We are celebrating diversity! We are not there yet, but we are highly committed to building an organization that represents a variety of different backgrounds, skills, and perspectives.

Jakamo is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our employment decisions are always based on experience, competence, performance, and business needs. We have a zero-tolerance for harassment and discrimination of any kind.

We understand that the more diverse and inclusive we are, the better employer we are and the higher the value we can offer to our customers.

Our target for 2025: We focus on diversity. We are very much aware that we are working in a predominantly male industry. As a concrete target, we will increase the share of female and other gender identities by at least 40 %.