Our 2020 in numbers


2020 was full of surprises, an extraordinary and challenging year for all. It probably was not a favourite year for every one of us. However, we see much positive in it as well. One positive thing is that we were very busy during the whole year.

Despite the outbreak of the coronavirus, Jakamo reached over 50 % revenue growth, the second year in a row. In total, the turnover was 543 000 €. We’re also happy that Jakamo Ecosystem continued growing. During 2020, we welcomed close to 500 new great manufacturing companies into our platform.

We got very appreciative message as an evidence of good service from our existing customers. In 2020, 52 % of our current customers expanded the use of Jakamo by broadening the scope of the service or increasing the coverage geographically. The number of customers with integration towards their ERPs or PLMs grew by 64 %.

This exceptional year encouraged us to dig deeper into our mission. We wanted to clarify why do we exist? And we did it together with our customers – the procurement professionals working in the manufacturing ecosystem. The finding was truly inspiring. Our core mission at Jakamo is to enable our customers to provide excellent supplier experience for their suppliers. Explore what is supplier experience and why should every executive care about it.

In 2021, we have prepared for ongoing growth. The volumes of transactions are growing faster, the ecosystem is growing faster and the integration needs are growing faster. With great excitement we have started this busy and stunning year 2021!