KPI sharing through BI Integration

Nowadays, there are new demanding requirements for modern supplier collaboration. The information should be symmetric, visible, and transparently available in real-time for both the customer and supplier. The manual control should be minimized. All these requirements call for a shared environment to manage common daily routines.

Jakamo has released a general File API that enables the customer to share files automatically to suppliers in real-time or at a certain frequency. An excellent use case for this is a supplier cockpit created in BI System where the monthly metrics are visualized, and right after visualization, shared to suppliers transparently through Jakamo.

By automating repeated document sharing in the supply chain, you can make significant time savings and decrease the amount of manual work. You don’t need to book time for collecting establishing and sending the reports to the suppliers with emails anymore. Now you’re allowed to focus on the essentials, and the information is available for suppliers in real-time without any extra actions.

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