Juhani Hintikka Joins Jakamo as a Board Member and Investor

Jakamo Limited welcomes CEO and President of Comptel Plc (CTL1V) Juhani Hintikka into the team! Juhani joins Jakamo as a Board Member and Investor.


“There is much discussion about every company needing to rethink their business model with the advent of digitalization. For many companies digitalization can also be seen as a continuum – digital technologies help them become more effective in their current businesses. Jakamo’s online collaboration platform digitalizes business relations and helps manufacturing companies collaborate faster”,
Juhani Hintikka states.

Juhani brings vital knowledge and experience to our company. He is used to developing and managing global businesses. His experience spans across manufacturing, communications and software industries. Juhani will complement our capabilities to make strategic decisions that will increase the benefit to our customers”, says Anssi Uitto, CEO and Co-founder of Jakamo.

Hintikka believes that open collaboration is beneficial for manufacturing companies. “It is about the speed of doing business but also about the new ideas that typically emerge as part of the open collaboration. Jakamo provides an environment where this can happen”, Hintikka continues.

Jakamo is an online collaboration platform that connects customers and suppliers in the manufacturing industries. With Jakamo, information sharing across companies is easy, fast and secure. Jakamo creates a digital record of collaboration between companies, enabling cross-company teams to work together in real time. Advanced instant reporting ensures that the management stays well informed. The service is free to use, with enterprise subscription plans available for advanced users. Jakamo has customers in 27 countries.

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