The year 2021 in numbers

2021 was a very forward-thinking year, despite the disruption the COVID-19 made for all of us. We were highly busy during the whole year and we managed to grow in several areas. Let’s have a look at the numbers for 2021.

In 2021, Jakamo reached around 50 % revenue growth, the third year in a row. In total, the turnover was 795 000 €. The monthly recurring revenue (MRR) continued on the growth path as well and grew by 54 % during last year.

From the Nordics and Northern Europe, we welcomed many new enterprise customers such as ABB Marine & Ports, Bronto Skylift, Lapp Connecto, Lännen Tractors, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe. Our export invoicing grew by 187 % which is impressive evidence of the product-market fit and scalable product towards the manufacturing ecosystem.

For many companies, these times are challenging in the field of recruiting. We are happy that we succeed to find and recruit several talented experts to our Jakamo-team to fill different positions in software development, sales and marketing, and product delivery. In 2021, Jakamo’s staff grew by 75 %. Today we have a 15 person Jakamo-team which is concentrating to deliver exceptional value for the rapidly increasing number of enterprise customers.​

The service eagerness and readiness are printed in our DNA. One of the top priorities has always been the service level of our platform. In 2021, Jakamo’s uptime was over 99,99 %. Non-leaving enterprise customers (0 % churn rate) can be seen as good feedback of our service level and service readiness.

In 2021, we highlighted sustainability as one of our core values and development approaches. Sustainability will heavily influence the manufacturing industry during the upcoming years. To stay a competitive manufacturing company in the future, we recommend our customers select Supply Chain Sustainability as a key business driver in their strategy and operations. Concrete initiatives should be started now and we are committed to helping our customers in that journey as well.

In 2022, we will continue our mission to deliver exceptional value for our customers operating in the field of the manufacturing ecosystem. Secondly, we have prepared and are ready to continue on the path of growth. This will become an exciting and inspiring year!