Jakamo Patented Business Relationship

Jakamo platform has received a patent in the United States. Jakamo service is designed for information sharing and cooperation between manufacturing companies. “The grant of a patent in the US in spite of tougher requirements shows that Jakamo is in the forefront of a totally new concept,” says Espatent Ltd’s European Patent Attorney Kari Lång.

Patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office protects Jakamo’s method, system and apparatus for network management based on the intelligent data processing and sharing in business relationship. Patent is an indication that Jakamo, together with its customers, has created the first tool for information sharing designed for networked industries.


The modern network based value creation model has raised the need for enterprises to improve information sharing practices. The information shared in business relations must be available for both customer and supplier’s employees transparently and in real-time. Making business will get faster and white-collar productivity increase“, says CEO Anssi Uitto from Jakamo.

In the current rhythm of work the positions of employees may change quickly and even abruptly. In Jakamo, the shared information stays in business relations, even if the contact persons of the relationship chance. This is a big step forward towards a more cooperative and learning relationship that allows effective working and creation of new innovations”, Uitto continues.

Jakamo received important assistance in the preparation of patent application from Mr. Kari Lång, who has a long experience in the international patent work both within the industry and in private patent office. Lång thinks that the patent is special: “Today the area, which combines the use of computer programs and business, is very challenging in terms of patenting. In this area, the invention requires not only well-prepared patent applications, but also a technical and truly innovative solution.”

“Jakamo’s innovation is the intelligent data processing in a business relationship, and combined this with collaboration features and manufacturing processes it opens an entirely new way for manufacturing companies to network on the system level,” Lång states.

Jakamo in a nutshell. Jakamo service is designed for manufacturing companies. In Jakamo platform, companies connect with each other and share information such as orders, ideas, claims and projects. In Jakamo, information sharing is fast, easy and secure. Unlike traditional systems, Jakamo makes the shared information available in real-time for both customer’s and supplier’s employees. The service is free to use for any company with enterprise subscriptions available for advanced users. Four-year-old service has customers in over 30 countries around the world. Follow @thejakamo. Visit jakamo.net.

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