Jakamo to Enter Swedish Markets in Co-operation with Microsoft

Jakamo enters Swedish manufacturing markets as the company has been selected into the second phase of Microsoft Turbopump Program. Turbopump is Microsoft’s unique market entry program for young technology companies that are ready for world-class scaling of their business.

Microsoft has handpicked five out of 18 companies from the learning period which continues into the second phase of the program. The second phase contains a market entry period in Stockholm where Microsoft offers the leverage and access to their customer network and helps with the talent acquisition as well as opens doors to local investors. At the same time Jakamo opens a key-position of Area Manager in Sweden.

We will hire a talent whose mission is to launch and set up the business of Jakamo in Sweden, and to make Jakamo a well-known brand in Swedish manufacturing ecosystem”, says Jarl Matti Anttila, CMO & Co-founder of Jakamo. “We’re eager to enter the market and start operations with the support of Microsoft. Together with our partners we’re able to deliver maximum value for manufacturing companies and support our customers on their digital transformation journey”, Anttila continues.

Earlier this year, Jakamo was selected into Young Innovative Company (YIC) funding program run by Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation – Tekes. In the YIC program, the most ambitious and rapidly growing companies from Finland are supported to open new markets. Jakamo has utilized the funding on business model development and will now strengthen the team in Sweden.

Jakamo in a nutshell. Jakamo is a collaboration platform designed for information sharing between manufacturing companies. In Jakamo, companies connect with each other, share information and collaborate together. Jakamo has 1500+ customer companies in 40+ countries around the world. We proud ourselves on providing manufacturing professionals with a solution that radically improves and accelerates the collaboration between customers and suppliers. Jakamo’s method, system and apparatus is granted with a US patent.

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