Jakamo Claims – How to use the application?

Things don’t always go as planned. In Jakamo, you can send claims and have all communication in one place. The process and content in Jakamo are designed to support learning during the whole claim process.

Reasons to use the Claims App

  • Enables learning – what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future
  • Easy claim process management – Later you can review which purchase orders had defects and how they were settled 
  • Transparent interaction – All parties know what has been claimed and agreed
  • Measures the lead-time of the entire claim handling process from response to acceptance and follow-up
  • Supports to full fill the content and process of ISO 9001 Standard
  • Well documented claim portfolio enables easier third party audits

How to use it?

Navigate to the Jakamo Apps and choose Claims. The Claims App enables you to send, receive, discuss, and follow up on claims with your suppliers and customers. 

Share the defect info of the claim:

  • Basic info (date / time / type / PO number)
  • Responsibilities
  • Claim classification
  • Description
  • Claimed costs and compensations

Collect the response from the vendor and agree on the future follow-ups:

  • Cause analysis
  • Corrective and precautionary actions
  • Follow-up date and actions
  • Vendor’s reference and Material ID
  • Agreed compensation

In addition, you can add tasks for immediate actions, share any files, and discuss claim-related topics. All these features make it very useful for seamless customer-supplier collaboration and common learning!