Jakamo Blog Goes Deeper

If you are inspired by manufacturing, software or design we invite you to join our journey. If those things do not inspire you, we invite you anyway.  We will ignite the flame.

Jakamo blog is a platform where you can follow and participate in discussions about networked manufacturing industry, agile software development and user-centric design. Our mission is to give fresh perspectives that challenge passionate people to think, to interact and to develop those viewpoints further.

Jakamo is designed for and by people working in networked manufacturing industry.
Jakamo is put into practice by agile and open source software development.
Jakamo is striving forward with strong user-centric values. For real!

Jakamo blog goes deeper.
Jakamo blog argues.
Jakamo blog cares.
Jakamo blog shares.
Jakamo blog wishes.
Jakamo blog surprises.
Jakamo blog explores.
Jakamo blog is our heart beat.

Jakamo blog commits to serve, every month. Welcome!

Jarl Matti Anttila
Head of Marketing, Co-Founder
Jakamo Limited