Former CEOs of Skype and Outotec Join Jakamo

Jakamo is on the mission to transform the information sharing and collaboration between manufacturing companies, globally. We’re happy to welcome Michael van Swaaij and Pertti Korhonen into the team to support and share our great mission with us. Jakamo enters the next level of the international growth and aims for the global markets. The support of Michael and Pertti is crucial in accomplishing the growth and the highest possible value for the globally operating manufacturing customers.

Former Skype CEO and Founder of eBay Europe, Michael van Swaaij, joins Jakamo as an advisor and investor. Michael is one of the most recognized European business executives in the field of digital economy. He holds a wide experience of leading fast growing companies into the success.

Former Outotec CEO and Nokia CTO and Supply Chain Executive Pertti Korhonen joins Jakamo as an advisor and investor. He was in charge of building and managing Nokia’s world leading supply chain and has wide experience from several industries – thus bringing Jakamo great insights in enabling superior supply chains.

Michael knows how to scale a digital business effectively and at the same time serve customers with a high performance. Pertti holds a wide knowledge of the critical challenges and requirements of the corporation customers in manufacturing ecosystem. Both advisors bring in the knowledge and experience we need right now”, says CEO Anssi Uitto from Jakamo.

“Jakamo solves a fundamental problem that me and my team members have been struggling with over 20 years in different organisations. The chronic problem of ineffective information sharing between customers and suppliers has finally been solved. It’s a pleasure to join the team and start working to establish more efficient and sustainable manufacturing ecosystem”, says Pertti Korhonen.

“Jakamo can offer a massive benefit for its manufacturing customers globally. The customer value of the Jakamo solution has been proven already and Jakamo as a company is in a fascinating phase of its journey. It’s exciting to help the stunning team to establish customer value while scaling the business”, says Michael van Swaaij.

Tekes – The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, has also selected Jakamo into Young Innovative Company (YIC) funding program (NIY Nuoret innovatiiviset yritykset -rahoitus). Only the most ambitious and rapidly growing companies from Finland are selected into the YIC. “The YIC funding program is intended to help Jakamo grow rapidly on the international markets. Jakamo will utilize the funding to strengthen the team, develop the business model and open new markets”, says Anssi Uitto. Jakamo is seeking passionate talents to the team continuously.

Jakamo in a nutshell. Jakamo is a collaboration platform designed for information sharing between manufacturing companies. In Jakamo, companies connect with each other, share information and collaborate together. Jakamo has 1500+ customer companies in 40+ countries around the world. We proud ourselves on providing manufacturing professionals with a solution that radically improves and accelerates the collaboration between customers and suppliers. Jakamo’s method, system and apparatus is granted with a US patent.

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