Designed with Users: Jakamo Project App

Project management is not something that you can do alone with your excel sheets in your company. Nowadays, most of the projects consist of complex value chains with multiple companies and dozens of people from different disciplines involved. Project management is all about sharing information and interacting between people in different companies at different stages of a project. If you are good in that, you are most probably successful in project management.

A few months ago we introduced a Projects application to complement the existing range of Jakamo applications (i.e. Orders, Claims, Ideas and Engineering changes) that enable information sharing and collaboration between companies both in strategic and operational sides.

There are already dozens of project management software on the market – Why to introduce one more? – you might ask. The answer is pretty simple: The existing solutions do not support the whole value chain thinking which is typical for nowadays project business environment. They are made either for company’s internal use or they are discussion room based separate teamwork spaces. They do not allow managing projects with your partners in the whole value chain.

Designed with users
Project application, like all the other Jakamo applications, is designed together with users, the co-designers. Our co-designers are Jakamo users who want to contribute the development of Jakamo service actively. They are from different companies with different backgrounds and working in different positions, such as, supply manager, engineering manager, CEO, project manager or business developer.

The design process of Project app was based on five workshops with our co-designers from companies like ABB, Prima Power, Wärtsilä and Prohoc. We started designing from understanding the big picture of project management and came step by step throughout an iterative process and with tens of flowcharts, wireframes and paper prototypes to the first software proto. This proto was again tested and improved with our co-designers and other Jakamo users to the launched version. And of course we are continuously developing it further based on user feedback.

Jakamo Project app
Jakamo Projects app is available and ready to use for the companies who want to bring their project management to new level for gaining productivity, expanding business and cutting costs. It is designed for:

  1. Managing both delivery and development projects.
  2. Management and follow-up your company’s whole project portfolio.
  3. Transparent information and document sharing and collaboration between companies in different project levels.
  4. Easy-to-use, simplified and visual user interface.
  5. Creating and managing all types of projects from simple internal ones to the projects with complex value chains with multiple companies involved in different levels of the project.
  6. Involving all necessary people from different disciplines and different companies to the projects.
  7. Drilling in from big picture to the smallest detail depending on your role in the project.
  8. Take a look on our outcome at


Timo 05-2015

Timo Rossi
Head of Service Design, Partner
Jakamo Limited

A shortened version of this text has been published in Prohoc Stakeholder Magazine Scope.