What Comes First, Technology or People?

In my experience, a buzz around a new technology can really get the buyers go outshopping. In many occasions through the years I have met decision makers who have recently bought a technology and now wonder what to do with it? The words used could have been something like this: “We want this or that CRM platform” or “We want to invest in this collaboration platform”.

And in some occasions the investment has been driven by an urge for change, but in my opinion with the wrong approach. “We want to enable more cross selling in out service portfolio, lets buy a CRM system”.

The problem in these examples is, change must begin with people. The people need to know why the change is needed, what impact it will bring and how the everyday work will change. When we get the people engaged, and change is welcome, the role of the new technology is to support that change.

So, where is the problem? Are we afraid of actually driving the change or are we too technology centered?


Andy Lundström
Customer Engagement Manager