A Festival Called Slush

At the end of the hectic Slush week the Provinssi music festival published an after movie of the summer party in Törnävä in 2015. The post-festival movie brought back many feelings and memories of what an amazing event can offer to its customers. I started to wonder – what kind of similarities Slush and a high quality music festival have in common?

Slush2015_Jussi_Hellsten   Provissi2015

The main stages of Slush (Photo Jussi Hellsten) and Provinssi in 2015.

Both events have several venues – Black, Green, Pink and Silver stage. One of the colours did not exist in Slush, but was a big venue in Provinssi. The biggest super stars shine on main stages and there are a number of smaller venues that are reserved for promising artists. The most successful entrepreneurs such as Tom Hulme, Ilkka Paananen and Risto Siilasmaa are the super stars of Slush. In Slush, the startup demo area can be seen as the smaller stages.

Slush is a startup festival where unique ideas meet bubbling spirit. The bubbling spirit can be closely compared with the spirit that a high quality music festival can offer. Over 1 000 volunteers are in a key role in making this kind of spirit happen. Both concepts include wide range of food services and several side events that take place during the week when the main event is arranged.

Slush2015_photo2_Jussi_Hellsten    Provinssi_Blackbox_Photo_PasiAhola
The startup demo area in Slush (Jussi Hellsten) and Black Box special venue in Provinssi (Pasi Ahola).

So afterwards, it wasn’t a surprise for me to recognize that a music festival icon Juhani Merimaa was also visiting Slush. Secondly, it wasn’t a surprise that the most experienced music festival production director in Finland took responsibility of the Slush production. Well done, Petteri Karri!

The management of Slush and high quality music festivals have understood the mission they work for. They’re providing a platform for different kind of stakeholders to meet, interact and connect with each other. The platform allows people, bands, enterprises and organisations to perform, consume and make multiple transactions in a short period of time – flavoured with digital tools of course.

This kind of platform thinking is a hot topic today. Slush has made an extremely fascinating vertical of a high quality festival for the startup ecosystem. We enjoyed being a small part of it!


Jarl Matti Anttila
CMO, Co-Founder
Jakamo Limited