We at Jakamo Limited want to make our policies and practices clear and accessible. In these Trust Center pages we provide you with clear explanations about where your data is stored and how we secure it. As processing Jakamo user’s personal data, we as a Data Processors want to provide you the information on our behalf of lawful, fair and transparent processing of personal data.

The grounds and means for processing personal data are described in detail in our Data Processing Addendum and Privacy Policy. But we want to address certain issues which are presented in this Transparency section.

The types of personal data processed

In providing the Jakamo Service for the use of the Customer company, Jakamo Limited processes the following types of personal data:

  • Name
  • Contact details: address, email address and telephone number
  • Job related information: title, department, role, company
  • Account information: AD account, access rights and roles
  • Photograph in your personal user profile
  • Cookies, including IP address

Some of the information is collected when user is registering to the service and the other whenever the user decides to edit his / her user profile. If there´s a user management type of integration (e.g. AD integration) made, the user information may also come from a company´s internal user management system. Cookies and IP address are type of information collected automatically when you are using the service.

Location of Personal Data

As a data center service provider, Jakamo Limited collaborates with Microsoft and utilizes Azure cloud services. While Microsoft Corporation being an U.S. company, we only use their European data centers in Ireland and Netherlands.

For email notifications, Jakamo utilizes a service Provided by Flowmailer B.V. As a Dutch company, Flowmailer have all their data centers located in Netherlands. Only email address and name of the Jakamo user will be transferred to the service when sending the email notifications. (Will be applied after 15.4.2023)

Data centers and sub-processors

Jakamo utilizes the following sub-processors:

– Microsoft Corporation and its affiliates

– Flowmailer B.V.

Jakamo Limited selected Microsoft Corporation for a data center service provider, as they truly make a great effort in information security on their behalf. Azure data centers conform the highest industry standards of physical security and reliability. They run around the clock and ensure services by protecting against physical intrusion, power outage and network outage.

If you wish to find out the detailed descriptions of information security performed by Microsoft Azure, you can find information from

Microsoft Trust Center
Microsoft Azure Trust Center

Jakamo is using an email sending service to deliver email notifications from Jakamo Platform. Email notifications are meant for notifying the Jakamo users about various changes, additions and actions done within the Jakamo Platform. Flowmailer B.V. was selected for a service provider as they provide a modern solution for the specific purpose, they are commitment for continuous improvement for information security (ISO 27001 implemented) and they had a strong “Privacy-first” policy meaning that they are fully GDPR compliant.

For further information, please see additional information and resources from here:

Flowmailer compliance

Flowmailer certificate

Flowmailer statement of housing

Towards Jakamo Limited’s customers, Microsoft Corporation and Flowmailer B.V. act as sub-processor of personal data. The same data protection obligations as set out in the Service Agreement are imposed on the sub-processor, in particular providing sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures in such a manner that the processing will meet the requirements of the GPDR. Jakamo makes periodical assessment of it’s sub-processors compliance with different regulations and requirements set out in the Service Agreement.


Cookies enable the collection of certain Information automatically from your computer and system. We use Cookies to offer your smoother and better user experience, for example, uninterrupted navigation, and for service development purposes. The use of Cookies targets to your benefit, because we can analyze the use of the Service and develop the Service accordingly.

At the moment, we’re using cookies only in our marketing page www.jakamo.net. The Jakamo service is not utilizing actual cookies, but we use similar technologies e.g. to provide better navigation in the system.

We will add the list of used Cookies in this section in the future.

For more information about transparency, please contact support@thejakamo.com or your assigned account manager in Jakamo Limited.