Real Customer Stories of Supply Chain Sustainability

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Topics on the webinar agenda

Climate Crisis
Carbon Footprint
Social Responsibility
Supply Chain Compliance
Reality check to sustainability in manufacturing supply chains!

Join the C-level round table discussion hosted by Microsoft and facilitated by Jakamo on Thursday 3 February 2021 at 1 PM (EET).

Manufacturing companies’ overall sustainability is highly dependent on their supply chain sustainability. A significant share of their environmental and social impact is coming from the supply chain. New sustainability-related competencies and capabilities must be built-in to the world-class procurement organizations.

The politics and regulations are changing and soon the customers companies of the manufacturing industry will call for sustainability in the whole supply chain. Furthermore, the companies that are overlooking sustainability will not get money for their investments in the near future anymore.

Companies should invest holistically in supply chain sustainability. They should start concrete initiatives on supply chain-related topics such as greenhouse gas, pollutions, equality, human rights, diversity & inclusion, working conditions, health & safety, training, and new technologies & innovations.

In this webinar you will learn how the early adopters can achieve significant competitive advantage by improving the supply chain sustainability. It is better to act right now than wait some more years to lose market share and become obsolete. The more sustainable your supply chain is, the more profitable you will be in the future.

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