Security Manifesto


Yes it is! The registration to the Jakamo Service and using the service is secured with a personal password. The service uses TLS and SSL protocols. All data transferring from your computer to Jakamo is heavily protected with 128-bit SSL encryption. The server is authenticated with a certificate admitted by Thawte. All communication between Jakamo service and users are encrypted with the protocols mentioned above.



All information that a user has entered in the Jakamo Service is the property of the user’s company. Jakamo Limited or its subcontractors do not have an authorization to the customer’s data. In a case of exception (i.e. malfunctioning of the system) the customer can authorise the lead programmer of the Jakamo Limited to access the customer-specific information. By default nothing is shared with your partner companies. Nevertheless, Jakamo is designed for sharing information and when you decide to share something with your partner, it can be done easily. Managing shared document’s visibility is just as easy and securely. On request, Jakamo also provides custom authentication methods to protect your account and data.



Jakamo employs redundant servers and storage to achieve maximal uptime. Information is stored in the servers and data centers, which are located in highly secured vaults in the European Union region. Jakamo Limited has a back-up system to protect all content in the service. Daily backups are being stored for seven days. Jakamo uses RAID-arrays with multiple physical medias to prevent total disk failures. Every byte is being stored simultaneously to at least four physical hard disk surfaces.