In order to guarantee that we are following the best development and information security practices, we always strive to comply with acknowledged industry standards and have regular internal and external audits to ensure the set procedures are followed as planned.

Regulatory compliance

We at Jakamo Limited make all the efforts to ensure that we are aware of and take steps to comply with all relevant laws, policies, and regulations. Regulatory requirements for protecting data are increasing and it creates organisational, technical and documentational changes to be made in the way we operate. We constantly follow the best practise implications derived from regulatory requirements and implement them to our own operations.

Also for our customers, complying with laws and regulations is critical and therefore we make sure that Jakamo Service used for managing shared information in customers’ business processes complies with all the applicable laws.

GDPR compliance

As a part of regulatory compliance, we want to emphasize the actions we make in order to comply with all the requirements set by European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding security and privacy of personal data. The actions are described under this Trust Center sections of Security, Privacy, Transparency, Compliance and Jakamo as a Data Controller.

Sub-processors compliance

Microsoft Corporation as a data center service provider and sub-processor of Jakamo Limited, has e.g. the following key compliances:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018
  • ISAE3402, SOC1, SOC2

To learn more about Microsoft compliance, please visit the page

For more information about compliance, please contact or your assigned account manager in Jakamo Limited.