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April 28, 2015


Jakamo Limited (“Jakamo” or “we”) respects your privacy and complies with applicable personal data protection laws. Therefore, we have published this Privacy Policy regarding and applicable to the Jakamo Service and Jakamo’s websites (jointly “Jakamo Service” or “Service”). The aim of this Privacy Policy is to explain how we collect, process and use your personal data, content added to the Service and other information within the Service and why we do it. In this Privacy Policy, “personal data” means information on you or another private individual, where the information is identifiable as concerning you or another private individual. We have also included information about cookies in this Privacy Policy.

It is very important to know that Jakamo Service is an information sharing service. This means that all information (including your personal data) may be shared through the Service by the users of the companies anywhere in the world. The users make the decisions on information sharing. Your information is yours and you can freely choose to add it to the Service or not, but by using the Service or any part of it you give your full consent to the information sharing and accept this Privacy Policy. If you do not want to give your consent or do not accept this Privacy Policy or any part of it, please, do not register or use the Service, not even on behalf of a company.

The use of the Jakamo Service is governed by the Jakamo Service Terms (“Terms”). The Terms are available on the website or within the Service. We may give you additional privacy notices regarding a specific part of the Service. If there is a difference between such notices and this Privacy Policy, the notices will be considered first.



Jakamo Service is an advanced information sharing service for companies. The aim is to improve development, management and business of the companies.

We collect your personal data and other information when you register to or use the Service or otherwise interact with us. The information may be collected also during system maintenance activities and from other reliable sources.

There are three kind of information in the Jakamo Service:
1) user specific information
2) company specific information
3) item specific information.

User specific information

User specific information contains your personal data and may contain also other information. As registering into the Service you will provide at least the following information:

– full name,
– email address,
– phone number
– username and password and
– name of the company and a current position in the company.

A user profile is created to you during the registration process. You will be connected to the company you are employed in. In addition to the information you need to provide during registration, you may provide other user specific information, for example, job description, language and currency. You may update most of the mentioned user specific information within the Service. It is very important to keep the contact information updated.

We may collect information needed for provision of the Service, customer service, customer relationship management or system maintenance while you use the Service. This kind of information may include, for example, internet protocol (IP) address, devise type, browser and application used, network identifiers, location, access times, sites visited, features used and the content added or viewed. We also store your consents, preferences, settings, communication, feedback and other interactions with us. We may record your communication with us.

If you want, you may check what personal data we hold about you in accordance the Personal Data Act (523/1999) of Finland. If there are errors, you may ask us to correct the errors. You have also right to deny the use of your personal data for purposes of direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing, market research, opinion polls, public registers or genealogical research.

Other users may see the user specific information. User specific information may be shared in connection with the sharing of other information in the Service. Because Jakamo Service is online information sharing service, your name, photograph, contact details and other relevant personal data may be viewed through Jakamo Service by all users connected to the same company with you or to the partners of that company. If such a user is located outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), the user may view the personal data outside the EU or the EEA. However, the servers containing personal data are located and database is retained within the EU at the moment. If we transfer your personal data outside the EEA in the future, we will ensure that there is legal basis for such transfer.

Company specific information

The Jakamo Service is based on company specific profiles i.e. company accounts. Companies can share any company or item specific information with other companies i.e. partners through the company account. The company account contains at least the following information:

– name and short name of the company,
– industry
– name of the company administrator,
– logo,
– address and
– Jakamo code.

We may also collect or ask the company to provide other information, for example, information needed for billing. Each company has an appointed company administrator who keeps the company account up to date. It is very important to keep the contact information updated. In addition to the company administrator, the company has users that use the Service on behalf of the Company.

Users connected to the company or some of its partners can see the company specific information. Company specific information may be retained anywhere in the world.

Item specific information

The Jakamo Service is meant to share different kinds of content between companies. The content is in items and forms the item specific information. The item specific information may include, for example, development actions, ideas, orders or any kind of attachments or notifications. All item specific information is added to the Service by you and the other users of the Service. Every item has an item owner, who can control access to the item specific information. Jakamo does not own or assume responsibility for the item specific information.

The item specific information can be shared by sharing the item in which the item specific information is stored. The item specific information can be shared with any partner of the company. Every decision concerning the sharing of information is made by you and the other users.

Item specific information (including possible personal data) may be viewed by any user who has access to the item. Item specific information may be retained anywhere in the world. We may monitor the item specific information in accordance with the Terms in order to, for example, guarantee the security of the Service. Our administrative tools do not allow our employees to view item specific information in a normal situation. Access to item specific information is granted to Jakamo employees only on a case-by-case basis to troubleshoot specific technical issues.


We are responsible for the provision of the Service in accordance with the Terms. We store, host and transmit the content technically. We collect, process and use your personal data and other information to provide, improve and protect the Service. This means that we use the information, for example, to identify the users, for customer care, continuous development of the Service and statistical, billing, marketing, research and communication purposes. The information will be processed also for backup purposes.

We may verify all collected information during the registration or from time to time after that. We may, for example, verify your email address during the registration before you can use the Service.

The servers or other parts of the Service may be operated by our subcontractors. We are responsible for the performance of our subcontractors as for our own performance. In order to guarantee security of the Service and flawless service experience, the subcontractors may, if needed, collect, process and use the information on our behalf. We require that our subcontractors act in accordance with the Terms and this Privacy Policy. The processing of personal data is not outsourced otherwise, but we reserve right to do so. If the processing of personal data is outsourced, you will be informed in accordance with the Terms and appropriate measures required by the Personal Data Act (523/1999) of Finland are conducted, for example, to ensure the security of the personal data.

We do not sell any information to third parties. We do not even disclose information to third parties excluding the exceptions mentioned in this Privacy Policy. We may be obliged to disclose information to authorities subject to the applicable laws and regulations. We may disclose information to prospective purchaser in a case of reorganization, acquisition, merger or other similar transaction. We may also process, use and disclose information to defend our legitimate interests, for example, in legal proceedings.


The company may close the company account at any time in accordance with the Terms. If the company closes the company account, the company specific information (excluding a logo) may be retained, for example, for billing and marketing purposes. We delete the company specific information at our sole discretion when we do not need the information.

You or the company administrator may close your user profile at any time in accordance with the Terms. Your user profile is also closed, if the company to which your user profile is connected closes the company account. If your user profile is closed irrespective of the cause, the personal data and other user specific information may be retained in accordance with the applicable laws. We delete the personal data when the purpose of the processing of the personal data is not valid anymore.

Item owner may delete item specific information. You may also delete the item specific information, if you are authorized to do so. If the company account is valid, we delete the item specific information only in exceptional circumstances and only in accordance with the Terms, for example, due to copyright infringement or security reasons. If the company account is closed, all items in which the company is item owner will be frozen and you will have no access to the Service or item specific information. In this case, we may delete the item specific information.

Some information may be retained in backups even after the primary information is deleted. The backups are deleted in accordance with our standard procedure.


The Service operates online and may use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies (“cookies”). Cookies are small files that contain information and are stored to your device by the Service. Next time you use the Service, your browser will deliver the information stored in the cookie back to the Service. So cookies enable the collection of certain information automatically from your computer and system. This information may include, for example, the internet protocol (IP) address, the type of operating system or the used browser, device, hardware or software and information about your use of the Service, like your language selection.

We use cookies to offer your smoother and better user experience, for example, uninterrupted navigation, and for service development purposes. The use of cookies targets to your benefit, because we can analyze the use of the Service and develop the Service accordingly. We may also use cookies for personalization and marketing.

The Service may also include elements that set cookies on behalf of a third party. We are not responsible for services of third parties.

We ask your general consent to the use of the cookies during the registration process by asking you to accept this Privacy Policy. If your browser settings accept cookies, we consider also this as your consent to our use of cookies. However, you may, at any time, limit or disable the use of cookies by changing settings of your browser, but this can result malfunction of the Service.

The expiration times of cookies vary depending on the type of the cookie. Some cookies expire when you close the browser and other may expire after couple of months or years. You may delete the cookies from the settings of your browser.

The use of the Service may generate log information. This information is used, for example, for maintenance, user identification, security and customer relationship management purposes.


The security of all information added to the Service is of utmost importance to Jakamo. Jakamo follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the information. Appropriate technical and other measures are being utilized in order to guarantee the secure use of the Service and to minimize possible risks. The information in transactions is encrypted. The users are being identified by personal passwords which are not to be shared with anyone else. We limit access to our databases to authorized persons having justified need to access the information.

However, no method of electronic transmission or storage is 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of the information.


Amendments and assignment

We reserve right to amend this Privacy Policy and assign our rights in accordance with the Terms. In case of reorganization, acquisition, merger or other similar transaction, we reserve right to assign control to the information (including personal data) to our subsidiaries, affiliates or to a third party. We conduct all measures related to the personal data in compliance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) of Finland.

You will be informed of amendments or assignments in accordance with the Terms.

Governing laws

Your personal data shall be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) of Finland. The Act is based on the relevant EU Directives and highlights everyone’s right to privacy with respect to the processing of personal data.

As stated in the Terms, this Privacy Policy and the relationship between you and Jakamo shall be construed, governed and enforced by the laws of Finland, excluding its rules for choice of law or conflict of laws.

Description of the personal data file

In addition to this Privacy Policy, we have published the extended description of the personal data file in compliance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) of Finland, section 10 and 24, regarding user register of the Service. The official description is available on the website or within the Service and at our premises.


We have tried to give you all relevant information in a way that the amount is sufficient and the wording is easy to understand. However, if you have any question regarding privacy, please contact us.

Our contact information valid on the date of this Privacy Policy:

Jakamo Limited
Address: Keskuskatu 10 C 18, 60100 Seinäjoki, FINLAND

You can find our valid contact information on the website