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Success Stories

Success story – Case Prima Power

Success story – Case Fastems Group

Reference statement by Group CEO Tomas Hedenborg from Fastems Group.

The Challenge

The information and communication related to RFQs, Offers and Order are scattered into personal inboxes and various internal systems. Managing and developing the procurement and staying on top of what is going on is challenging. The time is spent on searching, asking and waiting for the information from colleagues, suppliers and customers. Furthermore, the crucial information gets lost when colleagues leave.

The Solution

Jakamo platform can be used for both strategic and operative procurement to make your supply chain efficient. Wherever your colleagues, customers and suppliers are and whenever needed, the access to all shared information is available. In Jakamo all the data, statuses, files and discussions are visible in the same view. Both parties, supplier and customer, are able to make decisions based on real-time information.

Jakamo’s customers have achieved over 60 % reduction in email traffic, 20 percentage point improvement in on-time-delivery (OTD), decrease the RFQ lead-time with 70 % and decrease the cost of poor quality (COPQ) with 30 %. Additionally, by the automating the typical manual processes the Jakamo users have achieved significant improvement in white-collar productivity – now the working time can be used to create customer value.


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