Engineering and R&D

The Challenge

Companies need each other for creating world-class innovations. However, too oftently new ideas and development initiatives are generated only inside the own company. The main challenge is the missing external collaboration channel allowed with on-going interaction and real-time information sharing.

The Solution

Jakamo makes it easy to involve the strategic customers and suppliers in the innovation and R&D activities. In Jakamo all the data, tasks, statuses, files and discussions related to Engineering Changes,  Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA), Product Development, Process Innovations and R&D Projects are available for both customer and supplier’s employees.

Jakamo’s customers have achieved a significant improvement in the amount and quality of new ideas received from suppliers, decrease of the time from idea to market, stronger supplier involvement in common R&D activities and 10 % savings in purchase prices. Jakamo enables a structured way for development and innovation management between companies in the whole supply chain.


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