Supplier Quality

Success Story

Success story – Case Fastems Group

The Challenge

Quality management is difficult inside a company and even much more challenging with the customer and supplier companies. The information related to Audits, Claims, Engineering Change Requests (ECR), HSE, Sustainability, and Material and Quality Certificates are normally established in internal systems and shared externally via email. The lack of visibility on shared information disables an efficient quality collaboration.

The Solution

Jakamo enables quality management and development of the whole supply chain. In Jakamo all the data, statusestasks, files and discussions are available in the same shared view. The Claims application is fulfilling both the content and process standards of the ISO9001. Both parties, supplier and customer, have an access into real-time data and interaction of quality related issues.

Jakamo’s customers have achieved 30 % reduction in cost of poor quality (COPQ), over 60 % reduction in email traffic and significant lead-time decrease of claim process and engineering change requests. Jakamo enables standardised quality processes and increases the white-collar productivity in the whole supply chain.


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